Showcase your commitment with Gravure Commitment Promise Rings and Wedding Bands

"At the moment that a wedding band is slipped onto one’s finger a commitment becomes complete, but it also marks the beginning of a new connection. The Gravure brand captures the intimacy, purity and honesty of a union between two people, and our bands have been created to symbolize that deep, genuine emotion."

Featured in Finer Jewelry Stores Throughout the United States

Gravure, headquartered in Montreal Canada, has its collections featured in many finer independent retail and jewelry chain stores across the United States.

Exquisite Designs and Timeless Elements

All of Gravure’s exquisitely designed pieces are crafted in both platinum as well as gold in varying karats and colors with various showcase collections embellished with diamonds and gem stones. As a leading manufacturer of high-end jewelry for years, Gravure’s newest lines combine classic and timeless elements that are modern and sexy. The trusted brand provides its customers with the confidence of knowing that they are receiving superior quality and care at a price that they can afford, ensuring our commitment of affordable luxury.

Elegant and Affordable Commitment Promise Rings

The Commitment Promise ring is becoming increasingly popular nowadays as a symbolic promise or commitment between two people. The rings are frequently exchanged during the period before engagement and they announce a couple’s intent to become engaged and to marry in the future. 

Gravure Commitment Promise rings share many of the features of our wedding and engagement bands. They include the same exquisite designing and craftsmanship you would expect from the most elegant wedding bands, but at a fraction of the price.